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If you want to add a new room to your home, then all you have to do is to get in touch with us. Our Room Addition service is designed to help you add a new room fast and easy without any hassle. We know how challenging it can be to add a new room, so we are here to make that seamless and simple, unlike never before.

We can add any type of room you want, and we can help you with foundation, framing, windows and doors, electrical, insulation, roofing and so on. Plus if you have any custom requirements you can let us know and we will be more than happy to help. It’s a great opportunity and one of the best things that you can find out there. It’s an enjoyable process, as long as you work with a team that you can trust. Just let us know how to assist and we will gladly do that for you!


 Addition to existing structure 

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First Level Addition

Second Story Addition

Detached Garage Addition

Detached Addition

Master bedroom Addition

Bedroom Addition

 Room Addition

Kitchen Addition

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Sun-room Addition

Home Addition

Room Addition Single Story

Room Addition on ground level is the most popular addition. Cost of building ground level addition is the less expensive from all other types of additions. Typically, we remove part or complete exterior wall of existing house were the new  room addition will be built. We install and add new support beam to support the home structure. We also have to be sure that the roof of new room addition will be integrated and look good with the rest of the the house structure. All those details affect the cost of the project.  

Second Story Room Addition 

 Second Story Addition is usually more expensive than the first floor room addition project. Most of the time, the foundation and footing of the first floor are not strong enough to carry the weight of the second floor structure. You have to reinforce the foundation and will need to build stair case and to add new beam, changing the framing on existing first floor to make sure the structure of the second floor will be strong enough. These are some of the reasons why room addition cost more on second floor than just building room addition on ground level floor. 

Master Bedroom Addition

Master bedroom is the biggest room in the house. It has private bathroom and walk-in closet. Usually, it is located in the back of the house with a view towards the back side of the house. The cost is more than just to build a regular bedroom because of the extra bathroom. Master bedroom is good investment to your house. It increases the value of your house and pay back the amount that you invested when you sell your house. 

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Room Addtion

Kitchen addition 

Kitchen Addition is enlarging your kitchen area. Cost of building a kitchen addition depends on the size and style of the new kitchen, and the size of the additional room that needs to build for new kitchen. Room addition contractor will be able to build kitchen addition including the plumbing, electrical, cabinet and counter top with all construction items and fixtures. 

Detached Garage Addition Or Gust House Room Addition

When we build detached gust house unit, we need to run the plumbing, new electrical and utilities to the new addition structure. We have to work and design the room correctly to make sure we are building the unit per city code and regulation. Cost of building detached gust house is less than building an attached addition to the house. 

In Los Angeles area, building gust house is very popular because people build gust house.

To Build a Room Addition, You Will Need An Architect

Building a room addition not only requires a general contractor but also an architect. The architect has a very important part in building the project. He/she will give you an idea on how to upgrade your project and designs the room that suits you and ensure that the design will meet the requirements of City of Los Angeles. After he has prepared the building and design plan, he will submit them to the city for approval. Once the plan is approved, we will have to pay the city permit fees, issue the permits and then we can start the project. The architect will also update the general contractor about specific items he needs then the  contractor will know exactly how much the cost is in adding that specific addition.

Room addition general contractor requires for your project.

Qualified general contractor is a contractor who passed the contractor exam and received a license from the CSLB city state license board. He knows the building codes, how to manage the work, and work according to the building laws which are different in each city area and region. He knows and understands the requests from city inspector who comes to supervise the stages of the work throughout the construction process. 


Here at Olympia Construction, we have the knowledge and experience in understanding the building codes. We can help our clients with questions and solutions to any building complications or concerns. Our license is valid and active in Los Angeles area. We can manage any type of room addition. Olympia construction specializes in home additions, room additions and new construction projects. 

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