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Remodeling General Contractor in  Culver City

General Contractor Services:

Our remodeling general contractor services that we provide includes:

*Bathroom Remodeling

*Kitchen Remodeling

*Room Addition


*Exterior/Interior Paint

*Windows and Doors

*Fences and Gates


*General Work 

Room Addition Contractor services in Culver City

Room Addition General Contractor in  Culver City is our specialty in the area.

With our addition general contractor license, we build a lot of home addition in  Culver City.

We provide full home addition service which includes designing, planning, working on permits and full construction.

Our services include:

* Addition to existing structure 

* Single Story Addition

* Second Story Addition

* Detached Garage Addition

* Detached Addition

* Master Bedroom Addition

*Master Bathroom Addition

* Bedroom Addition

* Room Addition

* Kitchen Addition

* Bathroom Addition

* Sun Room Addition

* Home Addition


Our different types of home additions : single story, second story, detached additions, bathroom additions and more.

We also encourage you to look on our full Home Addition Gallery to see before and after home addition projects' style and samples.

Would you like to remodel, enlarge and add more sq.ft to your house? Call us for free estimate with no obligation. We will be very happy to participate in your project.


Olympia Construction General Remodeling and Home Addition Contractors in  Culver City.

Phone Number: (818)-259-6939 1(800)-583-2201


Why Choose Olympia Construction?

* We finish our work on schedule

*We finish the work within the same budget

*We keep a clean job site throughout the construction processes and when the addition project is complete.

 Room Addition Single Story in  Culver City

Room Addition in  Culver City is the most popular and easy to build.

Room addition cost is less expensive than the other types of additions.

When we add a room, extend and enlarge existing room,

we only build the floor, walls, ceiling and roof.

When we build additional bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, it involves extra plumbing work, and that affects and raise the price of the project.  

Typically, the contractor will remove part or complete exterior wall of existing home, where the new addition will be built. We add new support beam to support the home structure.

We also make sure the roof of new room addition will be integrated, and look good with the rest of the the house's structure.

If you are looking to add any additional bathrooms or additional kitchen that involves plumbing work, you can look on this page below to see and read about bathroom addition.


Call us for free estimate to check your room addition cost.

Before and After single story  Room Addition

Master Bedroom Addition in  Culver City

Olympia Construction can build you a beautiful master bedroom in  Culver City.

Extra room with a bath is called a master bedroom or master suite.

Most of the time, this bedroom is the biggest room in the house.

It has a private bathroom and walk-in closet which makes it very comfortable and convenient. 

It is usually located in the back of the house with a view towards the back side.

The master bedroom is a good investment to your house. It increases the value of your house and pay back the amount that you will invest when you will sell your house. 

Looking for a contractor to build a master bedroom addition in  Culver City? Olympia construction will be happy to participate in your project and  build the addition for you.

We will provide you designs and will do the construction for you.

 Call Olympia construction general contractor in  Culver City to receive free estimate.

Before and After First level, Master Bathroom Addition

Second Story Addition General Contractor in  Culver City

  Second story addition is typically more expensive than the first floor room addition.

Most of the time, the foundation and footing of the first floor are not strong enough

to carry the weight of the second floor framing structure. You have to reinforce the foundation of the first floor and build a staircase.

You have to make sure the structure of the second floor will be strong enough,

and carry the weight of the second floor. We have to add a new beam and change the first level framing.

Take a look at the different home addition projects, and learn more about our room addition services.

Are you looking for free estimate to build second story room addition in  Culver City? Call general license contractor, Olympia Construction, specializing in home additions in  Culver City.

Before and After Second Story Addition



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