Room Addition General Contractor 

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Room Addition General Contractor

Room Addition Contractor is our specialty. we have valid contractor license, and we area qualified to perform home addition's, here at Olympia construction, were owned and operates company that values, honesty, integrity and treat your home as if it were our own, we pride ourselves on our reliable service, we stand in time and provide quality, reliability and skill. we are general contractor for any room addition, home extension to suit your needs. when we are talking about a project of an addition to a home, it is very important to choose a suitable contractor, when the project is over, you should be satisfied with the results, therefore, the most important thing for us in the company is that the customer will be satisfied with the results, our teams consist of veteran workers with a lot of experience in managing the work, we  save you time and money by prepare the design and construction plans for you ( blue print), we take care of all the permits for you, and we build the construction for you. let's begin to understand together the whole process of adding a room to a house.

Build Room Addition Requirement:

*   plan and design

*   license general contractor  

*   how long the project and work will take

*   selection and cost of finishing material

*   check the budget and cost of the project

*   check contractor references and review 

*   sign a detailed contract 

*   obtain permits and pay city fees 

*   to set a date for starting the project

*   start the project

To Build room addition you need an architect

Build a Room Addition requiring an architect to design the project. and he has a very important part in building the project. an architect will understand the idea of the project and will give you an idea of how to upgrade it, he will make a design that suits you, and ensure that the design will meets the requirements of the city. after he has prepared the building and design plan, he will submit them to city for approval. when the plan are approved, we will have to pay the city permit fees, and issue the permits, we will receive inspection card and all permits, once we have all this, we can start the project. 

Few Reason To Build Room Addition.

if a baby is born, or the children have returned to live at home, the parents have moved in with you ,you need an office at home, the kitchen is uncomfortable, the living room is to small, or you want to raise the value of your house, these are good reasons to add rooms to the house or expand the rooms of the house,

Room addition general contractor requires for your project. why ?

Room addition general contractor needed to build a room addition, qualified contractor is a contractor who passed the contractor exam and received a license from the CSLB Witch is city state license board, because he studied the building codes, he know how to manage the work, and work according to the building laws that are different in each city area and region,he know and understand the request from city inspector, who comes to supervise the stages of the work throughout the construction process, here at Olympia Construction we have the knowledge and experience, to understand the building code, we can help our clients with answer and solutions, to any building complications or concerns, our license is valid and active and we can menage any type of room addition, it can be room addition on first floor,or it can be room addition on second floor, we can build new house or build room addition to the house, Olympia construction mostly known for its specialty general contractor for home addition's, room addition's and new construction project.

Room Addition's, inspection schedule for the work.

* excavation of trenches,         -  call for inspection.

* complete foundations,          -  call for inspection.

complete framing,                     -  call for inspection.

complete roof,                           -  call for inspection.

complete rough electrical        -  call for inspection.

complete rough pluming         -  call for inspection.

complete rough mechanical   -  call for inspection.

complete apply insulation       -  call for inspection.

complete windows and door  -  call for inspection.

apply water proof stucco lath -  call for inspection.

final- install finish material      -  call for inspection.

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 why Olympia construction:

we are different, we don't have salesman that work by commission. you are dealing directly with the owner. i manage all phases of the project. this helps me keep costs down so, i can pass the savings on to the homeowner 


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